Schedule A Vet Visit Before Your Upcoming Move

With a move around the corner, you've likely begun to make preparations for your family. When you have pets, this can mean additional work to ensure that your pet is healthy and ready for traveling. Instead of putting off an essential visit to the vet until after your move, consider the difference that visiting a vet preemptively can make. 

Collect Paperwork

An important reason to schedule a visit to the vet is being able to get all the necessary paperwork in order. From vaccination records to information about previous medical care, this paperwork can be helpful while traveling. Whether you're moving by car or plane, having these records on hand can give you peace of mind if a hotel or your future landlord requests this information. 

This paperwork can also be vital when meeting your next veterinarian since it contains all the essential information about your pet's health. The paperwork can be given to you in paper form and email, making it easy to have a physical and digital record of your pet's health. 

Address Any Concerns

By visiting the vet before an upcoming move, you can discuss any concerns you may have over your pet's health. You'll also get the opportunity to go over previous health concerns so that the right treatment plan can be discussed and medication can be prescribed. 

Your vet may find potential health concerns during an exam, making it vital to visit a vet well before your move. This way, you won't be traveling with your pet when they have a potential injury or illness you need to be aware of. 

Make the Move Easier 

If you're planning an upcoming move, you may be feeling some stress about making sure that your pet is healthy and in a good condition for traveling. Your pet will likely experience some anxiety during the upcoming move, making it helpful to meet with a vet and ask questions about calming methods you can use. This can help you reduce stress on your pet so that traveling with them is also easier for you.

Before your upcoming move, it's best to get things in order for your pet well in advance. Instead of running into problems with their health, you can meet with your vet to go over any concerns you may have. Keeping the above benefits of visiting with your vet in mind can help you feel confident in your upcoming move and how comfortable your pet will be.  

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