5 Tips For Arranging Care Between An Emergency Clinic And Your Primary Veterinarian

If you have a pet that is in critical condition due to an injury or illness, or if you have an emergency that occurs after regular working hours, you will likely be looking for the services of an emergency animal clinic. These clinics tend to be open during the evenings and weekends to give critical care to your pet when your primary veterinarian is not available. However, at some point, the care of your pet will transfer back to your primary veterinarian.

Flu Season Isn't Just For Humans: Symptoms And Treatment For Your Dog

When you think of flu season, you probably are reminded to get your flu shot and to stay home if you're feeling sick. However, you aren't the only one who is susceptible to catching the flu. Dogs can also get the flu virus, and you need to know how to respond when sickness hits. How do you know that your dog will even be in danger of the flu? If any animal carrying the dog flu, including horses, humans, cats, or other dogs, is around your dog, count on your dog getting sick.