What To Do For Your Puppy

When you get a new puppy, you have a lot of things to take care of. You will need to pick out a proper name for your new family member, make sure they have all the supplies and toys they need, purchase a high-quality puppy food to help ensure good health and get them in to see the vet. When you take your puppy to the vet, you want to be sure you cover all the bases you should to help your puppy stay strong, healthy, and happy.

3 Things To Know About Feline Acupuncture For Kidney Disease

If your cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease, chances are you already know that it's a serious illness. There is no current cure for kidney disease in cats, but there are things you can do to extend their lifespan and improve their quality of life. Feline acupuncture is one of those things. If your cat has never had acupuncture before, here are three things you should know going into your first treatment.

3 Things To Bring To Puppy's First Visit To Vet

When it comes to your puppy's health and wellness, multiple trips to the vet will be needed through the years. Of course, the first trip to the vet is one of the most important. When your puppy is between 6 and 10 weeks of age, they should be seen by the vet for a basic checkup that includes vaccinations and education to ensure they remain healthy and happy. To prepare for their first trip, make sure to bring the following to the vet's office.

Is Your Older Dog's Dental Care Up To Date?

If you own an older dog, you may worry a great deal about its physical and mental health. One of the things you should also worry about is your pet's dental health, especially if your dog experienced dental problems as a puppy. These dental issues can affect your pet's health in general. Learn how your dog's dental health can affect their physical and mental well-being.  Does Good Dental Health Really Matter?

What To Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure

Seizures don't just happen to humans, unfortunately they can happen to beloved pets as well. Canine seizures can affect all breeds, although they are more prominent in breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Collies, and German Shepherds. Seizures look different depending on your dog and how severe the seizure is. It can sometimes be a shake of the head or excessive licking, or it could be a full body seizure.