4 Signs Your Dog May Have A Urinary Tract Infection

Bringing a dog into your home and family's life can be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, your dog may develop health issues that are difficult to diagnose, since symptoms are more challenging to see. Urinary tract infections are common in humans, but your dog may also develop this uncomfortable condition at one point. Considering that it can affect all dog breeds, genders, and ages, understanding the signs of a urinary tract infection is important to help your dog get treatment.

5 Things Chicken Owners Need to Know About Cage Layer Fatigue

Chickens, just like other pets, can suffer from health problems that require the attention of a veterinarian. One of these health problems is cage layer fatigue, also known as osteoporosis. Here are five things chicken owners need to know about cage layer fatigue. What causes cage layer fatigue? Cage layer fatigue can be triggered by a severe calcium deficiency. When a chicken doesn't receive enough dietary calcium, its body removes calcium from its bones.

Keep Your Pet Safe From Ehrlichiosis Or Any Other Vector-Borne Disease

If you are like most dog owners, you could not wait for the warmer days of spring and summer to arrive. Not only are the days warmer, but they are longer, which gives you more time to spend in the great outdoors with your dog. Unfortunately, the increased time that you spend outside will also place your pet at risk of being exposed to canine vector-borne diseases including Ehrlichiosis. Understanding what a vector is, and some of the diseases that they can expose your dog to, is the first step to protecting your pet from Ehrlichiosis, as well as others.

Understanding Separation Anxiety and 3 Tips to Reduce Your Dog's Distress

Bringing a dog into your home and family's lives is exciting, but it does require ongoing care and discipline. From training and feeding to ensuring your dog receives proper medical attention, it is easy to see the different physical, emotional, and financial elements to having a dog. Unfortunately, even with this proper care, your dog may develop conditions that affect its health and behavior. Considering 20 percent of the 80 million dogs in the nation have separation anxiety, understanding this condition is key to reducing your dog's risk.

3 Tips For Making Veterinarian Visits Less Stressful For Your Cat

Whether you have gone through the experience for yourself or seen plenty of videos of cats going wild at their vet appointment, visiting the vet can be stressful for both you and your cat. Many of the tactics to make each visit less daunting should begin as early as possible, preferably when your cat is still a kitten. Make Restraints Routine Part of the stress that goes along with vet visits can come from restraining systems, such as pet carriers, that are infrequently used.