When Do You Need To Get Your Dog Or Cat Into The Vet On An Emergency Call?

If you are a pet owner, it can be difficult to know when you can put off taking yoru pet to the vet until the morning or a weekday. If you end up dealing with problems after hours, then it's going to be a lot easier on your pocketbook if the visit can wait. However, if you are dealing with a real emergency then time can be of the essence. Here are some tips for knowing whether a vet visit may be able to wiat or you should call an emergency vet and let them know you are coming in. Keep in mind, if you are still having a hard time knowing, you can always call an emergency vet and explain their symptoms over the phone and see what they would suggest:

Your pet has suffered an injury

If something has happened to your pet and you have no idea how badly the injury is, but you can tell they are in distress then you should take them in right away. For example, if they have been hit by a car, even if they are still able to walk, but their walking is not normal and they hurt then get them in. Along with any problems they may have with their legs, they may also have other broken bones and internal injuries you would have no way of knowing about without tests being run. Waiting through the weekend or even overnight can leave them in severe pain and can even be life threatening.

Your pet may have been poisoned

If your pet starts showing signs of possible poisoning, then you need to get them in to see the vet immediately. Depending on what they have ingested and the amount, as well as other factors, this can definitely be a life threatening emergency. Some of the signs that a pet may have ingested poison can include a very bright mouth, trouble walking, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and/or lethargy.

Your pet has diarrhea

If your pet has diarrhea and no other symptoms, then you may be able to wait for normal business hours unless other symptoms arise. They may have just eaten something that didn't settle right or they could just have an upset stomach. Make sure they are still drinking, eating and otherwise acting normal. You can give them a bit of boiled chicken breast mixed with a bit of boiled rice. This can help get their stools back to normal in many cases.

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